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Terms and Conditions

Terms of use for Pura Vida’s website


Although Pura Vida works hard to make the information on this website as complete and accurate as possible. The availability, integrity and correctness of this information cannot be guaranteed.

Pura Vida excepts no responsibility for (im)mediate damage which is the result of use, dependence or actions taken following the information that is presented on this website.

Pura Vida reserves the right to make changes and corrections to the website without notifying others beforehand. You, by using this website, acknowledge that you will not change the information found on this website in any way.

Access and reference

Pura Vida accepts no responsibility for the availability of this website. Pura Vida does not guarantee that this website or the servers on which this website is located are antivirus – free.

References and links to other websites are merely put in for extra information. The content of these other websites are not controlled by Pura Vida and are not endorsed by Pura Vida. Pura Vida therefore accepts no responsibility for the content, which is located on these third party websites. It is also not allowed to frame this website in another website.

Intellectual property

This website and it's content are protected by copyright and/or other property rights. Unless noted otherwise the property rights are applicable for text, sound, photographs, images, brands, logos and other material property of or licensed to Pura Vida.

It is not allowed to multiply, sell, rent, or save the contents or a part of the contents of this website without permission of Pura Vida. It is however allowed (without permission):

  • To print or download contents for non-commercial, informative and personal purposes on account that the copyrights are noted in all reproductions.
  • To reproduce items with the purpose to, without commercial objectives, provide information for a third-party on the account that the copyrights are noted in all reproductions and that this third-party is notified of these applying terms.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

To usage of this site, Philippine law is applicable. Therefore a Philippine judge will handle disputes.

Improper use

Every user of the website of Pura Vida will, at all times, refrain from improper use of the website and the data to which access can be obtained through this website.

Improper use meaning (1) unsolicited and without prior consent sending of emails or other electronic messages with a commercial goal to members, trail members, or otherwise affiliated personnel of Pura Vida (spamming); (2) Approaching members, trail members or otherwise affiliated personnel of Pura Vida for commercial as well as non-commercial goals, and (3) to gain access by electronic means to the databases or parts of the databases of Pura Vida, for example by use of a search engine, or by using the website. (Spidering, Harvesting).

If Pura Vida has reasonable suspicion of misconduct, Pura Vida reserves the right to block the access to the website for a indefinite period of time, and to cancel any other agreements made with the user.


Pura Vida made use of several information foundations varying from the Internet to actual book literature. Pura Vida creatively composed the content into Wellness – Home Massage applicable and suitable information. Therefore, Pura Vida would like to thank each and every single source that contributed to this great Website.