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Foot Spa with Xiamen Style Foot Reflex

Why do you need to book for a foot spa while you're in your hotel or home?

While your feet are soaked in the foot massager that vibrates and bubbles, the back, neck, head and arms are being massaged for that relaxing and just out of this world calming experience. Then the therapist will continue with a foot scrub to remove dead cells, foot reflex and application of minty foot mask regimen is performed for that awesome foot massage indulgence feeling!

Food Spa with Xiamen Style Foot Reflexology Origin

Foot Spa with Xiamen Style Foot Reflex is an original creation of Pura Vida. We understood that although we want to relax our feet, we also want them cleaned. So we created this type of service. The foot reflexology history on the other hand is traced back to the time of Emperor Wendi but its most blossoming period was during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.). Later foot reflexology was spread across Japan. Despite the tremendous benefits, a few Chinese specialists did not hand down their knowledge to anyone nor did they do any documentation for the records. This caused the weakening of this art of healing. Fortunately, foot reflexology was transferred to the Western countries when people from the west started to travel to Asia and got in touch with the Chinese, around the late Manchu Dynasty (1643-1912 A.D.). Then in 1913, an American doctor, Dr. William Fitzgerald authored an article about foot reflexology. He developed a structured chart of longitudinal zones in the body. Ending in the fingers and toes, the 10 zones showed reflex areas with their matching connections, as well as physical conditions affected by the connection.

Dr. Fitzgerald learned that pressure on a certain part of the zone affects other parts of the body within that zone. This is how the ancient treatment was restored in the Western countries. And a Russian physiologist named V.M. Bechterev,  coined the term “reflexology”.

Dr. Shelly Riley further studied Dr. Fitzgerald’s zone theory. Horizontal zones across the hands and feet were added to determine individual reflexes. Then an associate of Dr. Riley, Eunice Ingham who is a physical therapist, polished the zone therapy into therapeutic foot reflexology through research. Then a functional model in which the organs of the body were mapped out on the feet was created. Her discovery, which was published in 1938, resulted in more accurate identification of reflex points and gave us the structure of foot reflexology as known today.

Foot Spa with Xiamen Style Foot Reflex Involves

Foot Spa with Xiamen Style Foot Reflex starts by soaking your feet in a foot massager with foot soak blended with warm or cold water depending on the your choice.  While feet are immersed in the foot massager, the arms, back, neck and head will be massaged first using shiatsu or dry massage.  When the feet are ready, oil is applied on the feet and calves, and then is massaged on every point of the soles. On the soles of the feet there are 62 reflection points that correspond with different parts of the body. After the massage, the foot spa procedure will follow. The soles are scrubbed and dead cells removed. Then salt glow is applied. This is a material that feels like sand, applied throughout the feet then lightly massaged. This makes the feet looks lighter and younger. After all the cleaning, a foot mask is applied and let dry. Then it is washed so that the feet will feel relaxed, fresh and minty. This can be done for a minimum of 60 minutes but it is always advisable to do it for 90 minutes for maximum benefits.

Foot Spa with Xiamen Style Foot Reflex Benefits

Feet are an important, but often ignored, part of the body says Chen Hong, Vice-Director of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University-Human Function Department. The feet are the farthest from the heart part of the body. When acid metabolizes in the blood, this causes unused calcium and other organic substances to settle on the feet, where they form small lumps and air bubbles, says Chen. Applying pressure on the points helps remove toxic matter.

1. Relieves pain and stiffness caused by too much exercise or using muscle for too long.

2. Helps prevent and cure many symptoms such as headache, stress, asthma, constipation, sinusitis and migraine.

3. Improves blood circulation.

4. Turns body functions naturally into its homeostasis.

P 1000 | 120Minutes