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Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs are intended to foster wellness in employees, regardless of the work nature. A corporate wellness program can be found in multinationals, small and big corporations and factories.

Corporate Wellness Programs Origin

Corporate Wellness Programs has come a long way since the 1960s when a few doctors who followed the trendsetters, Dr. Halbert Dunn, first embrace it. Dr. Dunn’s promotion of “high-level wellness” was first observed in the 29 talks he presented encouraging “an integrated method of functioning” within the work place. He authored a book entitled “High-Level Wellness”. And in early 1970s other physicians inspired wellness concepts, like Lou Robbins and Jack Hall in “How to Practice Prospective Medicine” and Don Ardell in “High-Level Wellness, An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Disease.”

Corporate Wellness Programs Involves

Ideally, it would be wonderful if every company can set up a gym and hire a full time wellness trainer, therapist etc. But there are less costly ways to make a difference in the health of workers. First, you have to assess your needs. The most commonly used instrument for assessing what health programs are most needed is a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA). This questionnaire reviews personal lifestyle such as exercise, eating habits, smoking, seatbelt use and identifies the risk factor. HRA can assist you to see the bigger picture and help you get an idea what your program should address. This we can provide initially at no cost. Another option is to conduct a survey wherein employees are asked to rank all the programs you are willing to offer and ask them what they find most valuable. Studies showed that most of the time smoking ranks number one but the employees are more interested in exercise. So you can probably entice them first by holding an aerobics or any dance class then the smoking cessation class. The National Compensation Survey in the United States verified that a wellness program consisted of two or more of the designated programs, namely- smoking cessation, exercise and physical fitness, weight control, nutrition education, hypertension testing, periodic physical examination, stress management, women’s health and HIV awareness. The Healthy People 2010 initiative has established 10 leading health indicators (LHI). In addition to tobacco and substance abuse, physical activity and obesity and responsible sexual behavior round out the top five. Mental health, environmental quality, injury and violence, immunizations and access to health care are all on the top 10 of the LHI list. The idea of workplace wellness established 50 years ago has become a worldwide drive and have become very popular in the Philippines. Be one of the pioneers and gather your management team. Our wellness experts can assist you in identifying the needed programs for your company while offering the greatest stress relieving massages.  

Corporate Wellness Benefits

Since 1995, the percentage of employees of a leading company in the fast moving consumer goods industry has dropped by more than two thirds. The number of employees who would call in sick also has declined by more than half.  That’s awesome figures right? But what does this mean to the management? Well, studies show that an inclusive, cleverly designed investment in employees’ physical, social, psychological and emotional health pays off sevenfold. Practically speaking, there's this management team of a leading company in fast moving consumer goods estimate that wellness programs have cumulatively saved the company USD250 million on health care costs for the last ten years, from 2002 to 2008, the result was USD2.71 for every dollar spent. The same amazing results can be achieved by your company, or even better. Always keep in mind that healthy employees cost you less and healthy employees stay with your company.

For those in corporate, and your employees wellness is vital, we have this amazing package for you. A group of wellness specialist will design a program for your employees. This could run from 1 to 2 weeks and will not disrupt work at all. They will just spend a few minutes a day and yet get that feeling of "I am important to the company" feeling after the program. The program can range from talks and discussions on women’s health, to safe sex, to HIV awareness, to stress management, etc. For the finale, on the last day, employees can have a 15-minute relaxing chair massage. Your company may want to customize the program to their needs and goals or the specialists can design the entire program for them. We have done this with Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp and Maersk Line. We invest in our people because they are the most important component of our business. And when the employees are happy, the profits come back sevenfold.

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