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Management Team

In 2007, Pura Vida Wellness Home Massage was introduced to the Makati area - condominiums and the posh villages. 'Pura Vida' meaning 'Pura Life' was warmly accepted by the Makati residents.  It is Pure Life and Pure Value. For the first 4 1/2 years, Pura Vida was managed by a Filipino mother, who used to work for a multinational. She envisioned that massage or relaxation would become a lifestyle rather than a luxury. And that was proven right after more than 5 years of loyal patronage by the Makati clientele.  This did not come without hard work of course. Continuous training of staff, educating them not just with massage techniques, but good manners when dealing with clients and proper behavior when in the clients place, were always of high priority.  Because of these, Pura Vida was able to adhere to great quality of service and earned the faithful support of their clients.  

In 2011, Pura Vida attracted the attention of a European investor who saw the potential of the company. It turned out to be a very good decision to take in a partner, as fresh ideas and western-world concepts were introduced. This is because a broad range of comprehensive health and wellness experiences were introduced and absorbed by Pura Vida. With various accomplishments in Europe, Pura Vida now enjoys several implementations, one of which is Pura Vida’s website. Altogether, Pura Vida was given a new face.  It's mission and vision now is to become the leading home and hotel service massage in selected areas in Metro Manila and in the Philippines, giving you not only the highest quality of relaxation but also the sincerest service.

To give you that, Pura Vida employs people for the following - operations, finance, sales & marketing, training & quality control and supplies. The company only hires the most competent, honest and courteous employees to take care of these different departments of the company for smooth and efficient operations. From time to time though, the grass is cut and the weeds are taken out so that Pura Vida retains and maintain only the competent and honest employees. Last but not the least, clients can also send emails for inquiries and feedback through Pura Vida’s website - Pura Vida only wants the best for their client that’s why feedback is very important to us. Comments and suggestions are welcome because your relaxation is our priority, and this is taken very seriously.