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Twin Full Body Massage

Twin Massage is a synchronized massage done simultaneously by two highly trained, professional massage therapists. The therapists each take one side of your body, one on the right and one on the left or one on the upper part and one on the lower part of the body. They massage at the same time using any of the beautiful massages that Pura Vida offers. You can make a selection of our Swedish, Shiatsu, Combination or Deep Tissue massages. You achieved all the relaxing and energizing effect of a massage with "double the fun"! In other countries twin massage is the name for 2 people getting a massage together. For example, a couple is getting a massage performed by two different massage therapists, done at the same time but separately.  With Pura Vida, here in the Philippines, twin massage is done when you are getting a massage from two massage therapists. It is also called four hands massage. People of bigger stature prefer this type of massage as they have larger built and firmer muscles.

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P 1000 | 60Minutes