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Body Massage with Power Stretching

Body massage with power stretching involves a one hour full body massage and a 20-minute intensified stretching.  A few years back when you walk into a gym you will notice that the emphasis are just on bigger muscles, less body fat, or breathing and bending in a yoga and pilates classes. Stretching is done inaccurately and without concentration. Most of the times you have to hire a personal trainer to get proper power stretching. Therefore our clients find our body massage with power stretching a package from heaven.

Body Massage with Power Stretching Origin

Pura Vida developed the combination of body massage with power stretching in 2007. Normally, a massage is frequently requested as compared to a stretching service. Our demand for this type of massage became higher as athletes and fitness buffs always look for that extra stretch to relieve muscle tension after a strenuous workout or game. We then realized that this is an excellent way of helping them. Fundamentally, we developed a massage that includes a longer and more stretching variety while maintaining the relaxation of a body massage.

Body Massage with Power Stretching Involves

Body massage with power stretching is a one hour body massage choosing from Swedish, Combination, or Deep Tissue (your choice), then a 20-minute power stretching. Power stretching is done slowly and with concentration, pauses 5 to 10 seconds for every position. This gives you that great, relaxing, toned feeling and greater flexibility. Body massage with power stretching costs slightly higher than the other massages as it includes the extra 20 minutes of stretching. We also foresee countless benefits on that tired and aching muscles. This massage is exclusively offered at Pura Vida. Body massage with power stretching is excellent and frequently requested by those who plays badminton, tennis, golf, basketball or for someone who just had a tiring workout at the gym.

Body Massage with Power Stretching Benefits

Going to the gym, playing sports sometimes takes toll on your muscles and you end up having body pains afterwards. Then we start skipping the next gym or game sessions. When you experience body massage with power stretching after these activities, your body undergoes relaxation and at the same time gives your muscles great recovery stimulus and flexibility. Even after a strenuous workout in the gym or a hard badminton, tennis, basketball or golf game, you will feel rejuvenated and pumped up after the massage. Aside from that it can make you feel invigorated. Nowadays more and more people are realizing that flexibility workouts are the fastest way to elongate muscles and therefore make your body look slimmer and longer. Most specialists agree that muscles can be extended up to 130 percent of their resting length. Effectively with a daily stretching routine, you can achieve maximum upper body flexibility for one month and two months for maximum lower-body flexibility. This is for someone with average height, weight and age.

Pura Vida offers Home Service Body Massage w/ Power Stretching within Makati and BGC.

P 550 | 80Minutes