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Foot Spa with Foot Reflex with Manicure or Pedicure

After a day's walk in downtown Makati or in BGC, this is the ultimate relaxing and calming experience for the tired feet. This includes a long soak to relax the feet and loosen the skin. Your feet are placed in a foot massager with foot soak and warm or cold water depending on the client’s choice. The machine is turned on, vibrates while the bubbles grow bigger and bigger. Antibacterial foot scrub is applied on the feet then massaged gently to remove dead cells. The bottom of the feet is thoroughly scrubbed to further remove thick dead cells and callouses. After the scrub, a relaxing foot reflex is done for a few minutes. For the finale, a peppermint foot mask is spread over the feet and legs for that cold minty feeling. Lotion is then applied giving the feet the full treatment. For that great finish it is advisable to get the nails done. Manicure for fingers and pedicure for the toes. This is done thru removing the dead cells around the fingers and toes using a sanitized nipper, cleaning the nails using pusher, then applying nail polish. We have a wide array of nail polish of different brand and color that are available for you to choose from.

Foot Spa with Foot Reflex with Pedicure and Manicure Origin

Foot Spa with Pedicure and Manicure is already a combination of foot spa and manicure and pedicure. History of foot spa dates back to the history of spas back in the Roman times. People would travel to hot and cold springs in desires of achieving a cure for ailments. Discovery of hot springs at Bath, England was credited to Celtic Kings by the ancient legend. During those ancient times, many people believed that bathing or soaking your feet or any part of your body in a particular well, spring or river brings about physical and spiritual purification. Among the Americans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and Romans, a ritual cleansing existed. Today, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus include a ritual purification through water in their religious ceremonies.  And these rituals reflect the ancient belief in the therapeutic and purifying properties of water. For history of Manicure and Pedicure, kindly refer to the page of that service.

Foot Reflex with Pedicure and Manicure Involves

Foot Spa with Pedicure takes about an hour and a half and costs P375 using local nail polish and P475 for imported nail polish - revlon, while with OPI nail polish it is P525. For Foot Spa with Pedicure and Manicure from an hour and a half to two hours for P475 for local nail polish and P575 for imported nail polish- revlon while with OPI nail polish it is P625. This process starts with the foot spa sequence of soaking the feet in a foot massager with some foot soak to loosen the skin and cuticle. Your feet are taken out of the foot massager, scrubbed and applied with refreshing mask. After the foot spa, pedicure and manicure will commence. Nails are trimmed, pushed, filed and cuticle trimmed by sanitized nipper. Then nail polish is applied, the base coat, colored nail polish of your choice then the top coat. Result is amazingly attractive and sexy nails that could last one or two weeks depending on the lifestyle. 

Foot Spa with Foot Reflex with Pedicure and Manicure Benefits

Foot Spa with Pedicure and Manicure is not just a beauty routine but also a relaxation exercise to the feet and hands. The feet and hands are very important part of the body that are frequently ignored. This service will pamper them and give you that revived and relaxed feeling, not to mention how beautiful your nails would look. Regular foot spa, pedicure and manicure will also improve blood circulation in the feet and toes, hand, wrist and fingers and may aid to relieve muscle pain due to tendonitis.  This is beneficial to diabetics and may help you sleep well at night.

P 800 | 90Minutes