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Cellulite-cure Body Massage

Cellulite massage breaks up the cellulite, which is the hardened fat deposit under the skin. Cellulite gives the skin a dimpled look and is something women avoid to have. Ninety percent of women are afflicted by cellulite. It's an affliction that has been around over the past 40 years. Basically, there are three common causes of cellulite – modern diet, sedentary lifestyle and fashion (shoes, undergarments). Cellulite is normally found at the back, arms and mostly at the back of legs. These lumpy deposits are trapped by the skin’s natural connective tissue. The reason that fat is trapped under our skin is due to bad blood circulation and lymph flow, and there may also be hypostasis in the small blood vessels walls in the affected areas.  Cellulite massage breaks up the fat near the skin by stretching the basic connective tissue and the lymphatic system flushes it away.              

Cellulite Massage Origin

Cellulite massage or cellulite and cellulite treatments became a household word in 1972 when 90% of the female population started to get affected. Information on how to prevent and cure cellulite was welcome news from research and development. Drug companies were all developing creams and lotions to sell into the growing market. It’s every woman’s fantasy to find a solution to her beauty problem. Along with the emergence of the creams and lotions that can minimize cellulite came the Cellulite massage. Women tend to frequently request for Cellulite massage in months close to summer to have a smooth and flawless skin to bear in the beach. Aside we foresee great results in the maintenance of consequently treating the so called cellulite area's.

Cellulite Massage Involves

Here we are only concerned with the cellulite, which is aesthetic in problem and not the one caused by bacteria as the latter needs more serious medical attention. The sequence of Cellulite-Cure massage aims to improve the condition of the blood vessel walls, increase blood, lymph and intercellular liquids circulation in certain parts of the body using special massage techniques. This would start with warm-up of the body, which starts at the back, legs, buttocks while you are lying on your stomach. After the warm-up massage our therapist will start from the feet going up to the back of thighs where cellulite is concentrated, then further to the back, lower back and buttocks. Then you will be asked to lie down on your back so the feet, thighs, abdomen (optional), arms, neck and head can be processed. Normally the special cellulite cream is only used on the affected areas like the back of thighs, back and arms, and oil for the rest of the body. Our massage therapist will focus on the areas where cellulite is mostly concentrated. To get the maximum effect you should take the full course of 12 procedures within 40 days. Each procedure should take 1.5 hours.

Cellulite Massage Benefits

Cellulite massage breaks up the trapped fat deposits, which leads to removal of cellulite and excess fat and give you that legs and arms free of the dimpled look. Cellulite-cure massage is considered a mixture of body massage and lymphatic drainage. It aids in flushing out toxins and improves the circulation in the body hence further promote the burning of fat.

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P 600 | 60Minutes