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Deep Tissue Body Massage

Deep Tissue Massage uses many techniques and sequences of the traditional massage but focuses into the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. Traditional massage is used initially and once muscles are relaxed, slower strokes or friction is used across the grain of the muscle into the tissues that join your body parts together. It targets to release the lingering patterns of tension in the body through the slow strokes and the deep finger pressure on the affected areas.

Deep Tissue Massage Origin

Deep tissue massage benefits were first discovered in the Far East, ancient Greece and Egypt. Swedish massage is the closest traditional technique used by these ancient civilizations. Canadian physicians first developed the method for deep tissue massage in mid- 1800. Then in 1949, Therese Phimmer, a Canadian doctor developed procedures for the technique. From then on, deep tissue massage became a helpful guideline in sports medicine and physical therapy as a way to manage chronic pain and cure soft tissue injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage Involves

Deep Tissue Massage can be done for one hour and can be extended longer depending on your need. The sequence is similar to that of Swedish and Shiatsu massage. Initially, you lie down on your stomach for the back and legs warm-up. After that, the massage therapist will start from the feet going up to your legs, back, lower back, arms, neck and head. Afterwards, you will turn around and lie on your back. Feet, thighs, arms and face will be processed. Although the sequence is similar, deep tissue massage uses deeper pressure and longer strokes. This allows the massage to reach the deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissue. The slow but steady pressure is used so healing can occur without unnecessary pain. Thumbs, fingers, knuckles, elbows and even forearms are used to stimulate muscles and body beyond the superficial level.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Whether you are an athlete, a sports enthusiast or someone who is experiencing chronic pain or stiffness, then deep tissue massage is good for you. Whereas Swedish massage gives your body relaxation and stress relief, deep tissue massage targets the deeper level in your muscle or connective tissue. This massage is an excellent remedy for recurrently tight or chronic muscular pain, injury recovery, reduction of pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis and postural problems. Deep tissue massage can also break down tissues from scars of previous injuries. Moreover it can increase the blood flow that results in boosting the oxygen supply to all the tissues in the body. The more oxygen circulating, the more toxins are flushed out from your muscles therefore increasing the mobility. 


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