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Swedish Full Body Massage

Swedish is likely the most common massage sometimes referred to as ‘traditional massage’ or "full body massage". Long smooth gliding strokes, kneading, friction, tapping and circular movements are used on superficial layers of muscle using massage oil or lotion. The lotion or oil ensures smooth, continuous hand movement of the massage therapist and a very relaxing aromatherapy experience for you.

Swedish Massage Origin

It was developed by Dr. Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish doctor in the 1820’s, and is known as the first modern method of massage. He was able to develop massage through his study of gymnastics, physiology and the massage techniques inspired by massages from China, Egypt, Greece and Rome and now developed into what is known as Swedish massage.

Swedish Massage Involves

First, the massage therapist of Pura Vida, using her two hands, will warm-up your body by gently pressing the back, buttocks and legs while you are lying down on your stomach covered with towel. After the warm-up, effleurage is the perfect movement to start massage session since the rhythmic strokes will let you become familiar with the massage therapist’s hands. Effleurage is very soothing and a great way of warming the part that will be massaged and a relaxing way to applying oil on the body. Effleurage work on the superficial part of the tissue whereas petrissage work deeply. It is a movement that presses down the tissues to break-up areas of muscular tension. It consists of kneading, wringing and rolling.

Swedish Massage Benefits

Massage has numerous benefits for the mind, body and spirit and is now considered one of the most popularly practiced complementary therapies.


P 500 | 60Minutes