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Preparing for a Massage

Have you ever experienced getting a massage and not feeling relaxed afterwards? Sometimes we attribute this to the lack of skill of the massage therapist but it is not the case most of the time. If you are getting a massage soon, kindly take note of these helpful tips to maximize the effect of a massage. Right ambiance is extremely essential.  If you are doing the massage during daytime, close the curtains or blinds to dim the light in the room. The room should be warm (22 degrees Celsius) because body temperature will drop during massage. If the room is too cold, the muscles will contract therefore frustrating the effect of massage.  Other parts of the body, which is not yet being massaged, should be covered with a towel or towels. If the massage is at night, lighting should be soft. Candles are great creating a warm light. A few drops of essential oil on top of the candle can create an aromatic scent or you may use an essence burner where you mix water with a couple of drops of essential oil. It would be great if the essential oil for the burner is compatible with the massage oil. On both occasions (day and night) turn off television and cellphones or any noisy gadget but turn on gentle music. If there are kids at home, put them to sleep first so noise will be at a minimum. This will help you relax in the rhythm of the massage and become aware of breathing gently and deeply.  If doing it on the bed, cover bed with a towel so oil will not drip on the bed. Taking a shower before or after the massage is completely up to you though.  So remember, to get that  therapeutic and relaxing effect of a massage, right ambiance is the key.

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