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Massage benefits

Enhances blood circulation

Have you ever felt so tired and down after a day at the office or a few hours at the gym then feel rejuvenated after a massage? This is because massage relieves stress through the manipulation of body’s soft tissues. Long, smooth strokes, kneading, tapping and percussive movements done by the hands and fingers of the massage therapist, improve blood circulation of the muscles. It transports fresh nutrients, reinforces muscles, releases accumulated toxins in the body and improves flexibility.


Intensifies oxygen flow

Massage also aids the body in eradicating the accumulated toxins due to extended period of tension and stress. It lets more oxygen in the body, which then help the cells and muscles to revive and recover by itself.


Clears the mind

When there is too much stress, most of the time you feel agitated and cannot think straight. But when you stop, take a breather, lie down and get a massage in a relaxing and calm environment, with soft lights, relaxing music, soothing aromatherapy, all the stress just simply go away. It unblocks your mind of inflated anxiety and stress and makes you think openly again and makes decision making easy. When you have a healthy, relaxed mind and body, everything around you is beautiful and positive.


Discharges tension

Skilled massage therapist distinguishes the firmness and tightness of the muscles and adjusts pressure accordingly. This would loosen the tension spots, then relaxes, revives, smoothens the muscles that have been flaccid due to stress and tension.


Strengthens Immune system

Now that body is stress relieved, oxygen and fresh nutrients flowing into the entire system, the immune systems works more efficiently making the body stronger, capable of rebuilding and revitalizing itself.

Massage can help reduce stress but cannot completely eradicate all the sources of stress and tension in the first place. But it can relax and rejuvenate, giving you a fresh and positive outlook!


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