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What Spas in Manila Can Gain If They Offer Home Massage Services

Home massage service is not something every spa can offer. Those that do offer them might limit the privilege to their loyal and trusted customers. If the spa lists home services as part of their main features and would accept bookings from first-time customers, they need to have SOPs to ensure the safety of their therapists and keep their reputations clean. 

Once that concern is addressed and SOPs are established though, it is very possible for a spa to offer home services to its clients. This can be promoted as one of the primary services and attractions of a spa. More people are interested in availing home service massage in the Manila area than you probably expect. Manila is the capital city and a large metro broken down into several smaller cities. The biggest companies are here, as well as professionals and corporate employees. Many of them will gladly grab the opportunity to get a massage at their most convenient time. Since the most convenient is usually after work or during weekends when they would rather stay at home than commute or drive somewhere, it only makes sense for a spa to extend its services to the clients’ homes.
Aside from accommodating this demographic (working adults), another market that can be captured by having a home service massage Manila is women and housewives. Those that are working can fall under the previous category as well. As for the housewives and homebodies, they also look forward to spa services once in a while. Running a household and taking care of the children is tiring. Mothers and wives deserve personal R&R too! If circumstances prevent them from leaving the house, they can easily call in a home massage service and get pampered at home. 
Spas can also earn the trust and loyalty of their customers by offering home service massage sessions in the greater Manila area as a privilege, just like the example mentioned above. Knowing that they qualify for this privilege flatters them and it gives them more reasons to continue choosing that same spa. After all, why choose another one when they are already familiar with the staff? More importantly, they might not be able to enjoy this privilege from any other spa. 
Being able to visit the homes of clients establishes trust and even develops friendship between them and the staff. These are yet more reasons for them to stay loyal to your business. You can also get so much insight from them. People tend to speak more freely when they are comfortable with each other’s company. So, you can candidly ask their feedback for each new service, product, or promo introduced at the spa. Whatever you find out can be valuable for marketing, product development, and so forth.
You can also do some subtle but effective advertising when your therapists are at the clients’ houses. Through small talk, therapists can suggest that the client try out the other services and products offered by the spa. If the client shares a concern and the spa happens to have precisely what he needs to remedy the problem, your business can be the first to make a pitch.
Truly, there’s a lot that a spa can benefit if it offers home service massage in Manila. In satisfying clients, they earn loyalty, referrals, and positive feedback.