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Top Tips for Choosing a Massage Spa

In theory, choosing a spa or a massage parlor is not a difficult thing to do. Since there are now so many of them, you can just take your pick. However, if you want to have a really memorable and satisfying massage in the Manila area you need to put more thought into choosing an establishment.

The following are tips on what you need to look for and consider when looking for a spa that won’t make you feel like you wasted your money:

1.  Type of spa

There are different types of spas, but the greater categories are day spas and resort spas. Day spas in Manila are not open 24/7. They may welcome customers until late evening, but even then those business hours are scheduled. Most of their services are brief sessions too, like treatments and massages timed to last for 30 minutes to a little over an hour. You can choose between the two depending on how long you plan to stay in a spa and what services you want to avail of.

2. Types of available massages

If you are a regular customer of home service massage in Manila, you may have a favorite type of massage already. If so, then it only makes sense that you make sure the spa you are about to choose offers that type of massage.

3. Additional services

Massages may not be the only service offered in a spa. Some go all out in the name of wellness and have a fitness gym, a mani-pedi service, a health corner where customers and non-customers may consult with professional dieticians, home service massage for the greater Manila area, and a snack bar where people can buy healthful meals and treats. It’s wonderful for a spa to have plenty of other services because you never know what you’ll need halfway through your stay. Of course, if the additional services don’t interest you then they won’t matter.

4. Amenities and equipment

A spa’s amenities and equipment are very good basis for judgment. Go to the shower room and see if it is clean, if there is running water, soap, shampoo, lockers, portable saunas, sound systems, etc… It’s not so much about the spa having very expensive amenities and equipment, though. The more important thing is that it has everything that can be expected of a spa, and they are of very good quality too.

5. Environment and ambience

Feel the ambience of the spa. It should be able to effectively impose silence in areas where it is a necessity. The place should have a calm and relaxing vibe. If you can picture yourself letting loose and relaxing, then that’s a plus for the spa. 

6. Customer perks

Many spas offer perks for loyal customers. Examples are additional free time in the sauna, gift certificates, free usage of select equipment, free snacks, and so forth. It would be great if you can enjoy so many things without having to spend so much money.

7. Clientele

You should definitely look at the type of people who frequent the spa. It’s not that socializing is a requirement, but the behavior of the clients can also affect your own. Imagine being in the sauna with a bunch of creepy old men, or encountering obnoxious young guys at the lobby. You can avoid being forced into unpleasant situations by checking out the spa’s clients

8. Staff and therapists

For your satisfaction, safety and well-being, always make sure that the spa has the appropriate permits to do business and that their therapists are licensed to perform various types of massages.

9. Fees

Last but not least, the fees. This should be a major consideration, even the deal breaker. What use would all the perks and benefits of a spa if you cannot even afford to go there in the first place. Be realistic and consider the establishments that fit your price range.